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Madison County Children's Advocacy Center

Renee Smith-Rotondo
6802 Buyea Road
Canastota, NY 13032
Tel: 315 363 2816
Fax: 315 363 2817
Email: renee.smith@madisoncounty.ny.gov
Website: www.madisoncountysheriff.us

General County Information
Counties served: Madison
County population: 70,000
Community characteristics: rural

General Team/Center Information
Operating since: May 2008
Independent 501(c)(3): no
Lead agency: law enforcement
Co-located disciplines: yes
NCA member: associate
Memorandum of understanding: yes
Interagency written protocols: yes

Case Criteria
Child sexual abuse
Child physical abuse
Child fatality
Computer crimes against children
Child sexual exploitation
Child abduction

Interagency Partners
Oneida Police Department
Canastota Police Department
Madison County Sheriff's Department
New York State Police
Madison County Department of Social Services
Madison County District Attorney's Office
Madison County Attorney's Office
CARE Clinic
CAC Family Advocate
Oneida Healthcare Center
Community Memorial Hospital
Liberty Resources, Inc.
Madison County Department of Mental Health
Madison County Department of Probation
Madison County Health Department
CHAMP Pediatrician Jan Bach

Services Provided or Coordinated
Joint investigations in child sexual abuse
Joint investigations in child physical abuse
On-site forensic interviewing
Off-site forensic interviewing
Off-site medical exams
Mental health evaluations, referrals
Short-term counseling treatment
Long-term counseling treatment
Counseling for non-offending family members
Community education
Investigates kidnapping, internet sex crimes when victim is county resident